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Gene's Service Center
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Family Owned Service Center in Albuquerque, NM

We are a family owned, licensed and certified automotive service provider offering complete auto repair service in Albuquerque since 1959. Our workers are factory trained on makes and models of vehicles.
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A Brief History

Gene's Service Center has been in operation since 1970, formerly known as Gene's Texaco. Gene has been in the trade professionally since 1955. He started tinkering with automobiles in 1951. He did a tour of duty with the military from 1960 to 1962 as a mechanic, working on tanks and fun stuff like that. After the military he continued doing auto repair professionally. In 1970 Gene bought this business and ran it as Gene's Texaco where he provided gasoline as well as automotive repair. In 1983 Gene moved into his current location and began providing strictly automotive repair and changed the name to Gene's Service Center.

In the summer of 1987 Gene took his son Justin to work with him, originally as a babysitting task, and Justin took a fancy to it. At first (as young boys always do) his mission was to get as dirty as possible, and you can't find a better place to get dirty than a service center. As time went on Justin began to develop a desire to learn and embarked on his quest in the trade. By the time Justin was 15 years old he was no novice to the industry. The standing joke was that he knew how to fix ‘em, but he couldn't drive ‘em. In later years people that knew Justin as a child admitted that they could see that he had a mechanical inclination by the way he played with his toys. As his years and experience grew he became known for having a “magic hand” when it came to automobiles.

Gene's has always been a “one stop complete automotive service center.” The only automotive service Gene's has not actively provided is paint and body repair, though in the past they have done a few paint and body repair jobs. They have even repaired a toaster or lawn mower here and there for their customers.

Since Justin has followed in his father's footsteps, the top notch service has not changed. The building, however, has gone through some changes. We have modernized the facility to accommodate the new technologies, but have maintained the old "Mom & Pop Shop" feel.

Check out some of the changes below.